StarBlades Training Day

As part of RealTide's Work Package 3, Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore has developed a new python tool for preliminary analysis of tidal turbine blades.  Christened ‘STARBLADES’, this is a Blade Element Momentum Theory (BEMT) tool for realistic, dynamic flows.   The tool is available to all RealTide consortium partners and to train users how to operate the tool, a full-day training session was held at Bureau Veritas, Nantes on the 9th of October 2019.

The training included:

- Installation and use of StarBlades
- BEMT Theory and improvements
- Pre-processing data
- Post-processing
- Python code overview
- Application Case Studies

The interactive session provided the attendees with an opportunity to further use the tool for their particular design and validation problems. Constructive feedback from the participants was discussed within the forum to improve and extend the application of the tool.

Overview Starblades image
Example StarBlades Screenshot
Example StarBlades Screenshot